Solar Windows

I just recently discovered this new, revolutionary Solar Window when searching for new renewable energy technologies.  Basically, it creates energy while still allowing sunlight in, amongst other things.  Scientists apparently use a spray-on substance that contains the particles that absorb the sunlight, which means that it might spread more quickly than regular solar panels, if you can apply it to an existing window.  Another interesting fact that I learned was that the window lets in light waves, but reflects most heat energy that is exerted onto the window.

I think that although this a huge advancement in the solar energy absorption, it does present some issues.  Along with most new, renewable energy technologies, many people simply do not want to install them, because of either the price, or the amount of work.  Since most homes already have non Solar Windows, people don’t want to worry about changing out the windows because they think that they are fine how they are.  This idea of laziness also applies to most renewable energy technologies, as people just don’t feel the need to change their roofs or windows and they have little incentive.  So the main goal for renewably energy technicians should be to make these technologies cheap and efficient.  This way it would be more reasonable for people to buy and use it because they have the incentive of creating a lot of energy.  This new Solar Window technology, however, is genius and it will definitely have an impact on society in the future.


Finally, I would like to relate this invention to one of my later posts regarding bad ideas turning into great inventions.  Now, I am definitely not saying that this is a bad idea, but for the first person who suggested it when the project first started, people might have thought otherwise.  If we were to rewind just a decade or two, we could see how different technology was back then.  So I would like to thank all of the inventors out there that didn’t care if their ideas and inventions were “bad ideas” at the time, or ‘impossible’ ideas, because it’s those ideas that jumpstarted the technology boom that go us to where we are today.


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