How a bad idea may lead to an invention.


Many people might not realize the power of using a bad idea to make a great invention, and they might even laugh at the sound of it.  This method, however, can be extremely useful when utilized correctly.  How this would work is you would think of terrible or completely unreasonable idea and you either work to achieve that or alter it in a way that makes a reasonable idea.  For example, whoever came up with the idea to actually try to invent a watch with a phone was probably though of as crazy. But slowly over time, all of the touch screens, small chips, and other parts of the watch came together and someone put the puzzle pieces together to create a work of art.  This is being seen so much during the 21st century as all of these twentieth century science fiction devices are being made.  Just recently, the smart watch and google glass came out so now, what’s next?  Hopefully someone can come up with a crazy unreasonable idea which can lead to the next big thing.


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