Wristify- An AC for Your Body.


Besides the awesome look of this new wristband, it is the beginning of a new branch in heating and cooling technology, which would solve a lot of energy problems. Students at MIT have built a prototype that basically applies hot and cool bursts to your skin to get your temperature at the perfect degree. Their incentive for this is that huge Air Conditioning devices take up a lot of space and a lot of energy, so there’s nobody that would stop them from just heating and cooling the body itself. This is really smart to me, considering how hot our body is. It is insane to me that when we read the thermometer and we are around 98 degrees hot, we’re completely fine, where as if we were to touch something that hot, we’d have a lot of burns. SO it seems really easy to cool our temperature instead of what’s around it. This is a really interesting device and I’d love to see where this technology leads to in the future.


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