The Curving Phone

Samsung's Galaxy Round.

Samsung’s Galaxy Round.

I’m sure that many of you have taken a look at Samsung’s new, round phone.  I’m also sure that you’ve taken a second look and wondered “who would possibly want that?”  In my opinion, that answer is very few people.  (Well that is assuming people don’t start doubling their phones as cereal bowls.)  The curved phone would most likely fit well in the palm of your hand and fit comfortably against your leg, in your jeans, but what about the curved display?  I really don’t think that it is necessary and it might even have some negative effects.  One of the key issues that I can see might be that the light would hit the face of the phone reflect at a weird angle, leaving a glare in your eyes.  Next, I think that just the curved appearance of the words and pictures might give us a headache trying to adjust your eyes to the displacement.  So overall, in my opinion there won’t be any huge takeover of curved smart phones anytime soon, we’ll probably stick with the traditional style for a long time, unlike the monarchy in pre-revolutionary France.


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