Waterless Technology

Even though our generation will never have to seriously worry about this problem, somewhere down the road humans will have to start worrying about running out of something that we’ve taken for granted all of these years: fresh water.  So I love it when I see a new invention that doesn’t need water.  This dishwasher and cupboard combo, for example is something that is not only interesting to find out about, but also inspiring because of its tremendous benefit to the world’s water supply.  Instead of water, it uses liquid carbon dioxide to clean the dishes.  But not only does it cut down on water, but it cuts down on space needed for your dishes because it seconds as a cupboard, which can hold your dishes as your other dishes wash.  Although people will at first be skeptical of it not using water, I think inventions like these will definitely start to shape modern kitchens. Waterless Dishwasher Doubles As Storage Cabinet


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