The Future of Delivery Drones

Many of us have heard recently that Amazon has been seriously looking at the business of using autonomous drones to deliver small packages.  Since I love all the new inventions that were always thought of as science fiction, I for one love the idea of this project.  In the video, the amazon employee said that about 80% of the packages they deliver are under five pounds and can be carried by these devices.  This stat really pointed out to me that this type of invention is not only awesome, but it’s reasonable too.
Even if it is reasonable for amazon and really cool, it raises the question of whether or not it would gain support to the mass population.  This would be a difficult question to predict, as many people feel intruded by drones flying around their neighborhood, something that caused some controversy in the news recently.  In my opinion, however, I think it would be really cool to have this basically nonstop delivery service which isn’t too limited by the delivery men’s work hours and swiftness.  Like he said in the video, there could be as little as 30 minutes in delivery time.  I’m also curious to see what you all think so please feel free to drop a comment!



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