CPR for your Phone

Recently, I was amazed to find an idea of a mask that you can breathe into to make energy.  I am a big advocate for renewable energy so I just love the thought that something so typical as breathing could charge your phone.  Although it’s not currently available for purchase, I think that it’s perfectly feasible and will be out and functioning soon.


This mask, called the Aire Mask, while very fashionable, has a compact and efficient design…  From what I can derive from my research, the interior of the mask is lined with small turbines similar to those that are found in windmills.  While the breath spins the motor, the spindle would be spinning a magnet around wires, which would produce the energy.  I don’t see many flaws with this device, as the only thing, which I’ve noticed other people complain about, is a potential health hazard, which I disagree with.  I’m sure that when the mask enters the market, it will have been tested a lot.  Furthermore, I think that it might take a while until you start seeing joggers on the streets wearing these masks, but I’m sure that there will be quite a few people who would love to wear the mask while they sleep, because that’s a free 8 hours of charging your phone.  Basically, I think it’s an awesome design that could potentially catch on very easily.

Recently as a side project, I’ve been working on rigging up a small generator to a stationary bike in order to charge a phone, and that has really gotten me interested in alternative energies.  One thing that I’ve always heard is that alternative energies are a failed pursuit because of the insignificant amount of energy that it creates.  I agree that it doesn’t create a lot of energy now, but I think that it easily could in the future.  There are tons of items out in the world, which are just everyday items, which move almost constantly.  I think that using small things like an exercise bike, a fan, or your breath, to create energy could be a huge influence on the world’s power in the future.  It’s been clear how evolved the cell phone has become in the past 40 years, so why can’t that happen to small generators like this?  I will love to follow this project throughout its development and hope that its creators will follow through.


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