How you’ll pick up the phone in 2020

Future Phone in 2020?

In what seems like recent years, we’ve seen the development of the smartphone, as well as bluetooths, glasses, and watches, where you can pick up the phone.  The question is: where do we go from here?  It seems like we’ve thought of everything in the ways of the phone.  We even conquered the sci-fi reality that was laid out from many old TV shows.  We can now answer  a phone call by holding a watch up to our heads, just like captain Kirk did in Star Trek!  So the answer to this question of what’s next, is in my opinion, quite simple: holograms.

Obviously holograms are not a simple subject for the scientists who give up so much time to try and prove the ultimate technology in modern day sci-fi.  Now, we’ve come a long way in this field, to a point where we can display images through a small bulb, but the real challenge is being able to interact with the images.  I’m sure, however, that we’ll eventually figure something out.

For example, Apple’s Black Hole concept was recently introduced, including a levitating black ball displaying a holographic version of your phone apps.  Forget the boring old rectangle that everyone carries around, and look at this crazy, spiral phone that not only features a levitating ball, but includes a list of apps which you could interact with out of the air.  Unfortunately, I know nothing about this kind of levitation and holograms, but I’m hoping that someone does and might be able to create something like this black hole in the year 2020.


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February 4, 2014 · 5:29 AM

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