From Watches to the Fingertip

Recently, I found that Yanko Design released a concept design called Nokia FIT, and I was very intrigued.  The idea is very simple: a silicon material ring that will connect to your phone to call straight from your fingertip, or alert you if you are receiving one.  Without thinking about the logistics of it, I was completely amazed with the aspirations which some people seem to be completely capable of following through on.


As mentioned before, the design is very basic; at least at first glance.  It is a rubber and silicon based material which is designed to a ringlike shape to fit on your finger.  The ring has two small buttons, which would probably allow you to control your phone and sms.  The surprising part to me, however, was that it actually had a phone capability built into it.  So if you were to put the ring to your ear, you would be able to chat on the go, which I think could be a huge breakthrough in wearable technology.  The design will also vibrate when there’s a notification from your phone.


One thing that I wanted to focus on was its role in society.  It’s become clear that there have been a lot of injuries as a result from people being distracted by their phones.  So, I tried to figure out whether or not this device would eliminate some of that tragedy.  This topic especially was important to me as recently one of the students of my school passed away after being hit by a car.  So I had to think what is the main reason for driving poorly and being on your phone?  I concluded that it had to do more with checking and looking at your phone than actually holding it up to your ear, because we all know from are parents that when you get to a certain age, you become a master knee-driver.  So ultimately, I thought that this device would benefit society as it might keep people looking up and around them instead of down at their phone all of the time.


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One response to “From Watches to the Fingertip

  1. Perhaps this piece of technology -will- help reduce phone-related accidents and distracted driving. But perhaps it will also become a hinderance.
    We are so connected to our phones and our technology lately. It seems people have a hard time putting them down, or can’t live without WiFi. I know I personally have a hard time keeping away from my phone and from talking to my friends. Even if there’s no messages to read, I’m always checking my phone.
    Wearable technology seems like it would connect us even further to our devices, and distract from face to face interaction. I know I have an issue with people who talk loudly into their bluetooth, especially when they’re in the company of other people.
    Might this also be something similar to that?

    Just putting some thoughts out there~
    (I still think this is kinda cool, despite the negative aspects xP)

    Write on, my friend~

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