This will blow you away

When you’re scaling the peak of a mountain, thousands of feet up in the air, and running out of oxygen, what’s the best way to set up camp for the night?  How about self inflating the Mavericks Inflatable tent.  Just the thought of it may make you feel like passing out, but don’t worry, it comes with a pump.  This ingenious design to a tent features inflatable tubes which when pumped, reveal a thick coated, 10 man tent which is very durable.  Because of its design, it can withstand more than 100 mph wind!  Check out this awesome design.


I know what you’re thinking: if you inflate a tent, wouldn’t it deflate when you open it?  The answer, as you may have guessed from the picture, is no.  The awesome design includes multiple tubes which can be inflated in order to stretch out the walls of the tent which open it extremely large: to a point where ten people can fit in it!  And to top this excellent design off, it can hold its own against wind, rocks, and the cold.  This may seem next to impossible, however, it proves itself with a double layered design with diamond, crystal formation.

Being an avid backpacker, this tent is clearly one of the best solutions to almost all the problems that result when in the backcountry.  One of the worst things that I’ve found about hiking is lugging the heavy poles that go along with my tent every where I go, and taking those off my back would be that much better.  Another issue is the time it takes to set up the tent.  The inflatable Mavericks tent claims that it takes only seconds to inflate the tubes, and that the tubes basically put up the tent for you when being pumped.  The tent would also cut down on time by eliminating the wind issue which almost always picks up a few tents and takes them away when I’m camping.

This design really made me think about what the future could bring us in the field of tents.  I always thought of tents as one of the items where the basic idea and design would never change too much.  Of course I knew that companies were always introducing new, lighter poles, with new, lighter fabric, but the idea of setting up your poles and tent into a triangular or dome shape never seemed like it would change to me.  Well that is until I saw this tent.  At first I laughed and thought that this tent wouldn’t last long at all in the wilderness, I mean just look at a balloon filled with air; that’s popped in a matter of seconds when dropped on the ground in the mountains.  After I read about it, I was amazed, and my previous notions on the tent design were put to rest.  Now the only question is: is this the furthest extent at which a tent design can be mastered?

Now even if you aren’t a backpacker and have no experience, this tent may have sounded cool to you; but don’t get your hopes up.  This luxurious tent costs around 7,000 dollars, which in many cases is more expensive than the trip itself.  Now, unless you’re the Count of Monte Cristo and have more money than you could ever use, this tent may not be the best price for you; for now.


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