I’m venturing from my normal themed posts, because I recently watched Rocky, and wanted to share my opinions on it.  There are so many fantastic themes and concepts that are in the movie, but my favorite is the idea that someone as like Rocky could rise up against the obstacles which life throws at him, the opposition he faced from those around him, and the steep path he faced ahead of him and rise to the top.


I love this story and I know that many people who have seen it love the story of Rocky Balboa because they can apply it to their own life, and it fills them with hope knowing that they can make it out of every situation life provides against them.  Now, we all know that life is very difficult because there are so many challenges presented to us, but the challenges forced on Rocky blow ours out of proportion.  Living poor in the slums of a city are not something that many of us can relate to, and we usually don’t know what it’s like at all.  This lifestyle can provide tremendous obstacles in it of itself.  From the poor sanitary conditions to the multiple criminals on every street corners, it’s obvious that life is at stake every minute of the day when living in an area like this.  In addition to the obstacles being thrown at Rocky is his unsuccessfulness in the ring.  He was receiving little to no recognition for his talent ant considered a waste.  

This idea of weakness was emphasized so many times by those around him that it’s amazing that he could be as calm as he was throughout his adventure.  This was truly a story of greatness and it really showed how one could go from the very bottom to the very top.


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